How to set an alarm

Here's a useful video, to explain how to set an alarm using the Pavlok app. (Video is made on Android)

Step by Step Guide for setting an alarm (Screenshots are made with iOS)

1. Make sure you are paired! If you are having trouble pairing, please see this FAQ to help you out!

2. Click "Clock"

3. Choose "Alarm"

4. Click the "+" symbol to add a new alarm.

5. Set the time you want to wake up.

6. Choose "AM" or "PM" appropriately.

7. Name your alarm and choose if you want to repeat on certain days.

8. Choose how you want to be woken up! The order of the symbols shown is the order you will feel the stimuli! (There are more options if you scroll left/right!)

9. Set the strength using the sliders.

10. Test the strengths by hitting the symbols next to the sliders.

11. Hit "Save"! Your device will vibrate twice to show it is successful!

12. If you want advanced help to get you up, use the settings in the bottom of this screen!

Snooze zap will zap you if you try to hit snooze in the morning!

Jumping Jacks wake up requires you to do at least 6 jumping jacks in order to turn the alarm off in the morning!

Feb 17, 2021

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