What do I need to know about my Pavlok Challenge Journey?

Things you need to know about this Journey!

  1. You'll notice throughout the challenge that you have more than three tasks to check off in the app. You only get points for 3 but I have some in there for encouragement purposes only. It does not matter which three you click they still count. I just want to provide encouragement on the daily road to a better you.
  2. There are tasks that ask you to post a GIF, poem, joke, song, lyric..etc. These are meant to encourage group bonding & group participation. With that being said please make sure that the items you are sharing are being submitted into your group so that your team captain doesn't have to check up ;)
  3. Sometimes there will be bonus challenges in order to break a tie or to give lagging teams a chance to make up some ground, or for my enjoyment.
  4. If you disappear or don't check off tasks for multiple days during this Challenge you may be removed & placed in a separate team. This keeps challenge competitive & fair, while still allowing you to earn enough points to receive half off of your subscription. If something is going on just let your team lead or me know & we'll figure something out.
  5. It is very important that you check your Dm's on fb messenger. I send updates regularly and some messages require a reply within a 24 hour period. If I don't hear from you via messenger I may reach out to you via email, vibe or beep through your device, or potentially a text message.
  6. The tasks will seem redundant and so simple but drinking water, stretching, speaking positive things to yourself are great steps on the journey to being a better you.
  7. If you need assistance with your habits or using your device to its full potential please feel free to set up a call with me: https://calendly.com/jamsession
  8. I suggest setting an alarm to remind yourself to check off your tasks by a certain time. I use 5pm personally.
  9. I intend to post videos almost daily & recommend you watch them. They don't necessarily hold super important info but I think I'm funny & a little confirmation is nice ;)
  10. You can add your own tasks also. They won't count as points towards your team and they won't hurt anything if you don't check them.
  11. You will have a task everyday that asks if you did well on your habits today.. This task will not count against you. It's just a way that you can prove yourself to yourself ;)
Aug 1, 2021

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