Pavlok 3

  • How is Pavlok 3 different from its predecessors?

    The main differences between Pavlok 2 and Pavlok 3 are: 1. We massively improved Bluetooth pairing so issues are now exceedingly rare, or non-existent. (Wording edited thanks to our member Chuck S) 2. We added waterproofing, which was the biggest culprit for the device failing in the past. 3. It...
  • Is the Pavlok 3 water resistant?

    Yes, Pavlok is water resistant and can be fully submerged in water up to one meter. The device is fully safe even if wet!
  • What's the difference between Sports and Deluxe version of the Pavlok 3?

    Pavlok Sports comes in Pearl White or Obsidian Black with a silicon band. Pavlok Deluxe comes in Obsidian Black, Aegean Silver, or Rose Gold with a metallic mesh band.
  • Does Pavlok 3 work with Android phones as well with iPhones? Does it work with tablets?

    Absolutely, there’s a Pavlok app both for Android and iOS. You can use Pavlok with an iPad or most Android tablets. We’ve found that Samsung Galaxy A10 phones and A-series tablets don’t support Pavlok (as they don’t have adequate Bluetooth low energy support).
  • Do wristbands come in different sizes?

    The metallic mesh wristband comes in two sizes and the silicone wristband is adjustable, so it will fit you for sure!
  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, the device comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • I'm a journalist, where can I find press materials?

    You can download our press kit at, or contact us at
  • Is the snap safe?

    Pavlok’s snap has been engineered to be safe, effective, and painless. You can adjust its intensity inside the app if you’d like it to be weaker or stronger. The purpose of the snap is to grab your attention and bring you back into the present moment.
  • Pavlok 3 vs Pavlok 2 comparison

    The Pavlok 2 is an amazing device that's helped thousands of people break bad habits, create new ones and improve their life in many different ways. We have learnt a lot from this and it still is a great tool to help you improve your routine and break bad habits. The Pavlok 3 builds on this and...
  • What is Pavlok’s position on privacy?

    Pavlok takes your privacy very seriously, and they will never share data with a third party. The Pavlok app lets you control your data use in detail. You can control remove, and only allow certain people access to the information if necessary. At Pavlok, our mission is to create devices that all...
  • Skin Conductivity and the Pavlok Zap

    Your skin is your body's largest organ and truly an amazing thing! It even has natural protection against electric shocks called 'breakdown resistance'. This resistance can affect your usage of your Pavlok device, and cause it to appear that the zap feature does not work on the lower strength l...