How do I update my firmware?

Make sure that your Pavlok is paired to the app.

Go to the ‘More’ screen under ‘Device’ you should see your current firmware and underneath that should be an option to upgrade.

Once you click on the pending update, a screen showing the update’s progress will come on and you will see two yellow lights on your Pavlok. This means that the update is taking place - PLEASE DO NOT EXIT THE APP.

Once the update is finished you will get a screen saying ‘Latest Firmware Installed’ your device will then light up (this might take a few seconds)

Your device will then unpair and then automatically re-pair to the app. If it doesn’t - please go into the My Pavlok Remote section and click on the pair button.

The firmware update should now be complete. If you go back into the ‘More > Device’ screen it should list the Current firmware.

If you are having any issues with updating your firmware - please send an email to - please include a screenshot of your app under More > My Device along with any other relevant information.

Apr 15, 2021

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