It's here! The newest Pavlok firmware: 6.2

6.1.26 New Triggers, Performance Improvements and Morse!
Release date: 17-Jun-2021
Watch the video demo
(the version number is off in the video -- it should be 6.2.0 as of 6/17/2020)   \

What's New?
Many of our latest features are still being integrated into the app. Application of many of these settings will require connecting your device to the Web Tool in order to enable.

  • Pre-configured Countdown Timer and Stop Watch
     Start/cancel can be applied to any trigger/button.  Useful for having a pre-set tea steep time and being reminded exactly when that time has elapsed, or to time your intervals while running.
  • New LED patterns:
     Turning a feature on or off gives an LED swipe to red or green.  Starting or stopping a feature does an in & out lightshow with a red or green LED.  Errors generate a triple red flash.

  • Hand Detect can have LED feedback disabled and be “hidden”.
  • Silent Jumping Jacks Option

  • Manual Do Not Disturb (mDND)
     Mode can be turned on or off.  This suppresses almost all notifications including alarms.  Button presses will always give a response of some form, but all beeps are mapped to LED flashes instead.
  • Auto Do Not Disturb (aDND):
      can define times when auto-DND comes on automatically.   This is a form of “do not disturb” but where alarms still occur.

  • Morse code stimulus
     in stimulus language for StimSend (this is relevant for Zapier integrations)
  • Default Morse Code Configuration.
      This includes the type of stimulus, the level of the stimulus, and the speed of the Morse code (set in Words Per Minute).
  • Morse Code Time action
    .  Can be applied to any trigger event/button.  A natural pairing for the hourly chime.
Bug Fixes:
  • Hand Detect is now disabled during manual sleep
  • Short press extended from 500ms max to allow up to 700ms timing
  • Alarms fire if time change will jump past next alarm
  • Jumping Jacks sensitivity increased Most actions will count, not just traditional arm swings.
  • Fixed bug where “bad clock” flash was not shown except when on the charger.
  • Automatic Daylight savings time changes.
  • Power on improvements - avoid units seemingly bricking if allowed to discharge very low by being on a shelf for 6 months say.
How to Install

  • A prompt will appear, click pair.
  • Once your device is paired, press load to update to the latest firmware.

Dec 8, 2021

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