Pavlok 3 Firmware Release - 6.0.114

Author - Maneesh Sethi Written by Maneesh Sethi (17-Feb-2021)

How to install

Watch a demo of the new features and a guided walkthrough of how to install.

It's here! The first big update for Pavlok 3. Firmware is the software that runs directly on the physical device -- not the app, etc. It improves the functionality of the physical product.

Here's what's new


  • Battery is now up to 40% longer: We added some really cool enhancements and optimizations that significantly increase battery life depending on actual use (for some users, this could add days of battery life).

New features

  • Jumping Jacks Silence: Don't want to hear the whirrr sound during your jumping jacks? Long press the middle button while the alarm is going off, and the sound will be silenced. (You still have to do the jumping jacks!)
  • Hand Detect Snooze: Allow “snoozing” hand detect for 30 minutes by quick pressing the middle button within 5s of hand detect being triggered (i.e. when green LED is lit).
  • Candle Mode: Light up the LEDs to add a bit of light to your life. . This feature can be enabled by holding down the top button. It extinguishes itself after 30s. It's quite romantic if I do say so myself.
  • Double Tap Battery Life: Double-tap the face of the Pavlok 3 to see your battery life.
  • Breathing Charge: While charging your Pavlok, charging LED breathes and pulses.

Minor Changes

  • Reduced minimum time for a “long-press” from 2.5s to 1.5s.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the Save to Button wouldn't save the strength of the stimulus to your device.

How to Install

Install this by going to the Pavlok 3 app. You should see a popup. If not, click on the Settings icon in the top right of the App (inside the Remote). You'll see an option to upgrade the firmware on that screen.

How to install

Dec 8, 2021

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