Release Notes 6.4.0

Release 6.4.0
  • Released on 2021-11-01 (to production) and 2021-11-02 (to users as an update)
  • (Functionally the same as 6.3.25.)
  • Complete rewritten “timer” support (for “stopwatch” and “countdown” timers).  The earlier timer API is still supported (mostly) so older apps will continue to work.  The new timer functionality requires new apps (released roughly at the same time) or the WebTool. Note that a “long hold” (hold for 1.5s or more) on middle button can be used to stop all active timers, similarly to how it will stop Find My Phone, or an active alarm, or silence jumping jacks.
  • General features include:
    • 5 different timer configurations are available, one non-persistent and the others saved to flash. The non-persistent one was intended to allow the app to let a user “test” a given configuration, without overwriting an existing one, or just to let the app run a fresh timer even if the user has the others assigned to buttons.
    • Buttons can be assigned to start/stop/pause and similar operations for a timer.
    • Each timer can have up to 8 intervals, which can be repeating (periodic) or non-repeating (one-shot), with a time value ranging from 1s to one week.
    • Intervals can have a stimulus: vibe/beep/zap with a level and repeat count, or run a script (i.e. play a canned tune).
    • Timers can have an expiry time (in seconds).
    • Timers can have a user “mark” value to record in the log when Q2 is pressed while the timer is active (for example, as a way for users to record an “urge”).
    • When active timers BLE events are reported with info including elapsed time.
  • Support for Find My Phone and Find my Pavlok
    • Find My Phone can be assigned to a button, and when pressed, if the phone is connected the device will vibe more quickly the closer it is to the phone, and it will request that the phone play a tune
    • Find My Device can be enabled by a connected phone, and the device will repeat its loudest beeping noise for up to a minute
  • The user log now includes:
    • “Finding” records, indicating when “Find My X” has been started or stopped.
    • “Zap” records (subject to rate-limiting, not recording some zaps if there are too many in a short time span).
    • “Mark” records, to record “urges” or other user “marks”.
Dec 8, 2021

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